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Is Your Customer Journey Taking You... Nowhere?

Are you using your customer journey map to its full extent? Are you even using your customer journey map? Many of the core methodologies, processes, and deliverables of UX seem to have been adopted by teams but rarely go beyond the first few steps.

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Recruiting Users in the Disabled Community

While we learned many things from the excellent users we met, we also learned a lesson that’s central to any effective user testing effort: While forging ahead, it's important to pay attention to the details. Doing so helps you adapt your processes where needed, helping you find – and proceed along – the path that’s genuinely right for your testing effort.

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Build-a-bot Workshop

A few weeks ago OneReach invited Lousy to attend their Botanauts (Build-a-Bot) class hosted by Elias Parker. After a quick presentation and tutorial, we were set loose to build bots. My inner 10 year old was pretty stoked.

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